What is Image Consulting

DSCN0032-1000x750Image Consulting is a service industry, a field of work wherein Image Consultants help clients to improve their appearance for personal or professional reasons.Image Consulting is a professional field wherein clients hire an Image Consultant to evaluate, improve, enhance, update, or upgrade their appearance to ensure that their Image is consistent or congruent with their personal, social, and/or professional roles and goals—with what they want to accomplish in life.Image Consulting is an art form. The Image Consultant is the artist. The canvas is the individual client. Our medium is clothing, grooming, and body language—an art form the client gets to wear time and time again.Image Consulting is the active process of learning about the individual or group client, then passing Image information to the client, then applying that information to the client to achieve a positive visible change or transformation.Image Consulting is the process of helping clients exercise greater control over the impressions they create and the perceptions they influence through the elements of Image—clothing, grooming, and body language, including etiquette.Image Consulting is the process of empowering clients to reflect or project the confidence and competence

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