Access Control Systems

Access Control SystemsAccess Control Systems

ZK’s Access Control Systems new LA2000 model with a patented multispectral mercury fingerprint sensor (LA2000-MEC) is designed for those who need a biometric technology or solution that simply works.

ZK’s fastest fingerprint-matching algorithm and multispectral sensor technology maintains its performance in almost any environment. Although the LA2000-MEC Access Control Systems is not a waterproof reader, but Lumidigm’s sensor technology can capture fingerprints in any weather condition like rain, snow, cold, dry, dusty or hot. High-quality images are captured by multispectral sensor even when fingerprint ridges are hard to distinguish due to genetics, age, dirt, finger placement or environmental conditions.

LA2000-MEC Access Control Systems can easily and consistently enroll and verify most people – including that 2-5% of the population with “problem fingerprints” that thwart conventional fingerprint readers, providing results that are more consistent, more inclusive and more tamper resistant regardless if the finger is wet, dry, chaffed, or dirty. LA2000-MEC greatly reduces management hassles along with end-user frustration.

Installation options offer the flexibility to use the reader standalone or with any third party panel that supports 26-bit or custom Wiegand. Performance, reliability and affordability give LA2000 Access Control Systems the competitive edge. Other features offered include internal generic Prox, Mifare or HID card reader, connection for external card reader, and USB port for off-line access.

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