Bio-Metric Time & Attendance

Bio-Metric Time & Attendance Bio-Metric Time & Attendance systems offers unparalleled performance using an advanced algorithm for reliability, precision and excellent matching speed.  Bio-Metric Time & Attendance systems features the fastest commercial-based fingerprint matching algorithm and ZK’s high performance, high-image quality optical fingerprint sensor. The 4” TFT can display more information vividly, including user name, fingerprint image and verification result etc.

TCP/IP communication is standard and makes sure the data transmission between terminal and PC is error free and fast. The camera can capture the image of the user. Backup battery can provide more than three hours power supply when power input fails down.With 8 function keys in ATM style layout, it provides an intuitive experience to the users. This reader is available in Linux operating system.

Studies indicate that the average company overpays wages by 2-4% annually. Automated time & attendance systems are convenient to use and prevent organizations from overpaying. Our biometric time & attendance system reduces your administrative burden, eliminates lost wages due to time sheet errors or ‘buddy punching’, and allows you to generate real-time reports on employee attendance and job costing. It even exports data to your existing payroll application. Biometric time & attendance systems are appropriate for any organization that manages employee work hours. Return on investment occurs quickly due to the elimination of buddy punching, reduced administrative burden on employees and human resources, and the elimination of lost swipe cards. Our time & attendance system has been successfully deployed in industries such as banking, hotel, manufacturing, airlines, and retail.

One of the most compelling reasons to implement a biometric time & attendance system is because it pays for itself over time. Studies indicate that most companies overpay total wages by 1-8% annually due to human error alone. Companies also overpay each of their employees by an average 10 minutes per day due to early departures and “buddy punching” (employees clocking in or out for one another).  Companies who use manual time sheet systems must also employ payroll staff to calculate work hours, which takes an average of 5 minutes per employee per pay period.  These factors can lead to gross overpayment of wages; please see the biometric savings calculator at left to estimate how much your organization may be overpaying.

By moving to a biometric attendance system, your organization will greatly reduce its administrative burden while also eliminating human error and time card fraud. Biometric systems are easy to use, reliable, and can even export employee work hours to your existing payroll application. The investment is typically recovered in just a few months, and will save you money for years to come.

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