Network Storage

Network Storage

Network Storage

CCTV storage solutions based on disk drives provides instantaneous access to stored footage in seconds, this replaces the previous method of storing CCTV footage using tape which was time consuming and sometimes caused headaches when the tape jammed or snapped.

The demand for CCTV storage capacity to record Video Surveillance images is growing at an unprecedented rate driven by increasing high resolution cameras and longer data retention polices.

In recent years, video surveillance has shifted from analogue to digital data archiving; which recording streams via digital video recorder (DVR) or network video recorder (NVR) to external storages with RAID features data protection.

Furthermore, critical record would request infrastructure like storage area network (SAN) to achieve performance, scalability and reliability. Arena offers a complete range of DAS/SAN solutions to meet the critical requirement of modern video surveillance application; various features are tailored for it and various configurations can fulfill different demand.

CCTV is being deployed in a variety of applications and business requirements. With the advent of multi-camera HD systems becoming available the amount of data these megapixel cameras generate daily is increasingly becoming a concern for many CCTV companies.

Network Storage vendors are able to provide a range of network attached storage solutions, iSCSI, Fibre Channel and SAS RAID storage solutions from a single drive through to an enterprise class CCTV storage solution with no single points of failure. A variety of solutions are available with features and functionality to suit the budgetary requirements that customers dictate. The CCTV storage solutions also feature ways to save energy and cooling.  Contact US

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