Video Management Software

video management software

Video management software

running on a Windows or Unix/Linux server, supplies the basis for video monitoring, analysis, and recording. A wide range of software is available, based on the users’ requirements. A standard Web browser provides adequate viewing for many network video applications, utilizing the Web interface built into the network camera or video server especially if only one or a few cameras are viewed at the same time.

To view several cameras at the same time, dedicated video management software is required. A wide range of video management software is available. In its simplest form, it offers live viewing, storing and retrieving of video sequences. Advanced software contains features such as:

  • Simultaneous viewing and recording of live video from multiple cameras
  • Several recording modes: continuous, scheduled, on alarm and on motion detection
  • Capacity to handle high frame rates and large amounts of data
  • Multiple search functions for recorded events
  • Remote access via a Web browser, client software and even PDA client
  • Control of PTZ and dome cameras
  • Alarm management functions (sound alarm, pop-up windows or e-mail)
  • Full duplex, real-time audio support
  • Video intelligence

Intelligent Video Management

Intelligent video management products are innovative, open IP video management platforms that provide customers with a seamless migration path from analog CCTV, to intelligent IP video management solutions.

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