Domain : 

Domain name is your identity / official address in the Internet, a unique name that a computer can identify from million others. Like a brand name – your domains name is registered with relevant registration authority of Internet. Once registered, no one can have a website with your domains name. Examples of Domains name are,, etc. Though there are several top level domain names (TLD) like .com .net .org .biz etc. – .com is by far most popular of all TLDs. Registering a domain name is the first task for building your own website. For example – if your company name is ‘Short SMS’, you may register your domain as or or In addition to .com – you now have option of .biz (i.e. business). Remember – your registration of a domains name is subject to its availability. Like brand name, if the domains name is already registered you have hardly any choice but to look for alternative domains name.

Domains Transfer:

A domains name transfer is the process of changing the designated registrar of a domain name. ICANN has defined a Policy on Transfer of Registrations between Registrars The usual process of a domain name transfer is:

The end user verifies that the whois admin contact info is correct, particularly the email address; obtains the authentication code (EPP transfer code) from the old registrar, and removes any domain lock that has been placed on the registration. If the whois information had been out of date and is now updated, the end-user should wait 12–24 hours before proceeding further, to allow time for the updated data to propagate.

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