HP ENVY TouchSmart 15-j120tx Notebook PC

Intel Core i5-4200M Processor, Windows 8.1, 8 GB RAM / 1 TB, Natural Silver / 15.6″, 2 GB Graphics Card,

1 Year onsite warranty with Accidental Damage Protection

  • Technical specs

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Operating System Windows 8.1 64
Processor Intel® Core™ i5-4200M (2.5 GHz, 3 MB cache, 2 cores)
RAM 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3L
Hard Disk 1 TB 5400 rpm SATA SSHD
Display 15.6″
Graphic Card NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M (2 GB DDR3 dedicated)
Keyboard & Mouse Full-size island-style backlit with numeric keypad
Warranty 1 year limited parts, and labour
Weights Starting at 2.56 kg

10 Reasons to Go for Laptop

10).Easier Keyboards :The keyboard difference between that of a Laptop and that of a keyboard is majorly because of the space constraints in terms of dimensions. In the case of a Laptop the keyboard is integrated as part of the main body. The vertical movements in Laptops are also less compared to desktop PC keyboards. Speed usually increases while using laptop keyboards. Moreover,the place of trackpad which serves as a built-in-wrist rest makes it ergonomically sound.

9).Better LCD screens and Easy-access USB : Most often if not always the LCD screen on a Laptop is far more superior than that of your desktop computers, with the gradient not “fuzzing”, colour looking more true and the picture quality being more better. The easy availability of the USB port is another added advantage. The 4 USB port (Usually two on the side, two on the back) can be reached easily.

8).Better resale Value : If the resale value of a desktop computer is compared to that of a laptop one can easily observe that desktops hold little resale value but desktops hold a lot more. So a laptop is more or less the only computer which you can be sure of while buying that it will sell later helping you to regain some of your lost bucks even if not all.

7).Multitasking : How does it feel to relax in your room with your laptop, working on some college assignment whilst watching your favourite television series. A laptop gives us this power of multitasking, one of the defining characteristics of today’s generation. So now you no longer need to be cooped up in a small, lonely room just because your science teacher gave you some messy chemical equations to balance which even Mr. Google is refusing to answer.

6).Environmental Benefits : A very serious issue associated with desktop computers is the large scale production of e-waste. In today’s era when the world is making impressive strides in the realm of technology new versions of any and every hardware keeps entering the market and the ever changing requirements of today’s youth makes them change the various accessories associated with a desktop even before they turn obsolete. With no genuine recyclable outfit available to recycle the thousands if not millions of hardware’s produced each year they ultimately end up contributing more to landfill than any other commodity known in modern times. The laptops if not put an end to this solution would atleast make the situation somewhat better.

5).Energy Saver: Laptops use far less energy than desktop. A laptop draws only 15-25 watts during regular use as compared to the 150 watts used by a conventional desktop computer.Thus choosing a laptop over a desktop is equivalent to energy savings of 50-80%.The additional energy saved by these laptops is because of the battery backup systems not used by them.Saving  this much energy can surely make a significant difference making you and your laptop energy saving stars of your organization.

4).Price : Traditionally Laptops have been considered more expensive than desktops. However in the recent years price of Laptop computers have come down a long way in the past 10 years. These days a decent laptop with at least 1 GB of RAM and a high processor speed is easily bought for well under a thousand bringing them in line with the top of the range in desktop computers. Featuring quality DVD drive and numerous USB ports for connecting a wireless mouse and keyboard or plug-in modem for broadband, these laptops are no less than any desktop. So you can have the same specifications as that of a desktop in your laptop and that too at half the price of a desktop computer.Moreover with external hard drives we can have virtually unlimited space.

3).Space : Another very important difference is the amount of space required by two.Laptops need very little space as compared to a desktop.Desktop with their large separate monitors occupies a lot of space.The smaller version of a desktop has less room for adding extra disk drives, circuit boards, etc. so in every way when it comes to size a laptop always have an upper hand.So one of the major reasons why someone would prefer a laptop over a desktop is when they are concerned about the space going to be occupied by the machine.So shifting from desktop to laptops would provide you with that extra space which you can utilize in many other better ways.

2).Mobility: The term mobility with respect to a laptop refers to the ability to move around freely and easily while holding a laptop. Mobility is the biggest need of professionals in today’s time and also their biggest advantage. According to Business Travel News Magazine, business travel is at its highest level ever, and more than 300,000 organizations in the United States alone claim to have “significant business travel expenses.” A laptop today has the same capabilities as that of any desktop computer. Along with it they are slimmer and lighter making it very mobile. Desktops on the other hand being heavy and comparatively bulky they do not suit for this need. So it won’t be wrong to say that the laptop in a way  have revolutionized the working style of many corporate sectors.One of the major reasons behind the success of small businesses today is their ability to work from anywhere which may be any place ranging from Starbucks to their client’s office.

1).Privacy: With this one last point, one can always convince anyone and everyone that a laptop is always a better choice over a desktop computer. A personal computer is nothing if it’s not personal, and no other form of computer can provide you the amount of privacy provided by laptops as otherwise it become any electrical instrument which anyone can come around and touch. Well this can be a very important factor if you are working on a project whose every detail is invaluable for your organization and you don’t want anyone to have even a glimpse of it. In that case Laptop should always be your choice.While the death of desktops may not yet be upon us but it won’t be an understatement if we quote that their days are numbered as they in a way don’t offer what consumers today are looking in a computer.

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