Oil Ministry to install CCTV to guard against espionage

Oil ministry plans to install CCTV cameras in its various sensitive locations to guard against espionage. This step has been taken to control the flow of sensitive information and to prevent leakages of confidential documents.

The petroleum ministry has also floated a tender for six cameras last month, each having 32 channels. The ministry has already received price quotes and is expected to award the contract soon.

While the idea of installing CCTV systems had been mooted by the previous oil minister, Veerappa Moily, it has gathered momentum under the present regime that has shown visible determination to control the flow of information and prevent leakage of official documents. The ministry has also compiled a list of staff suspected of selling confidential information to agents of corporate houses. (Source: ET)

The surveillance system is intended to deter such moles or catch them red-handed.”The idea is to keep corporate lobbyists at bay. Cameras will be installed in sensitive locations of Shastri Bhawan,” an oil ministry source said.


If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about 

When you’re in a public space, you’re in the eye of the public. So what’s the difference in being watched by a closed circuit TV camera? Even if you were caught picking your nose the police aren’t going to arrest you for that and no surveillance officer is going put it on national television. Yes, a video surveillance camera in public places is good. Helps in crime-prevention and works as deterrence. Post crime investigation is easy and catching culprits is easy for law-enforcement officers.

Yes, public interest and safety along with surveillance cameras are here to stay. The need to draw definition of a public camera for public interest v/s a private surveillance camera placed for malafide intention must be addressed quickly. Public surveillance cameras and civil liberties can coexist if CCTV Systems are implemented and employed responsibly.  

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