What to do if your website is hacked

So you head over to your site, and you notice that your WordPress site has been hacked… your first instinct might be to panic. Even if you have no backups whatsoever, there’s still a chance that you can restore your site to it’s former glory, outside of the clutches of the evil hacker, and this is a tutorial for exactly how to do that. So don’t panic. You will need to stay calm to quickly and successfully address the situation at hand.Take a few deep breaths, and then run a malware scanner/antivirus on your computer just to make sure that you didn’t get keylogged or hacked based on information siphoned from your local computer in some way. (If you don’t have one, Download a reputable free alternative, like Malwarebytes, install, run and scan.)

For More information: http://www.wpkube.com/wordpress-site-gets-hacked/

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